Would you like to own one of the world's oldest writing instruments?
Ancient Kauri from New Zealand is the world's oldest workable timber!

Certified wood from the prehistoric Kauri forests that grew 30,000-50,000 years ago!

The wood is interesting to work with and provides many challenges to the woodturner!  It sands and finishes to a very nice state due to proprietary finishing steps I have developed for this unique material.  The grain has some iridescence, and is a warm "cognac" color.  Each wood pen includes a copy of the original certificate of authenticity supplied to me by Ancient Woods.com, plus the free maple gift case shown below.
My price is only $65 for the ballpoint wood pen in Platinum, and $75 for the rollerball in Platinum.

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  Celebrating my 25th anniversary of crafting  the highest quality custom writing instruments


Ancient Kauri Wood Ballpoint   Item #40 ($65) 

Like all my other ballpoint pens, this pen uses "Cross" type refllls and has Platinum fittings.
sorry, all Kauri wood pens are sold out!


Ancient Kauri Wood Rollerball   Item #41  ($75)
Like all of my other Platinum rollerballs, this pen uses the Pilot G2 gel ink refills.

sorry, all Kauri wood pens are sold out!

(The information presented below is courtesy of the website of the wood supplier, Ancientwood.com)

"The prehistoric Kauri forests that grew 30,000-50,000 years ago are preserved under the surface of the North Island of New Zealand. These incredible trees grew for nearly 2000 years before they were buried.
Some have a girth of around 40 feet, and a total height of nearly 200 feet.  They are among the largest trees in the world.
Buried under a peat swamp by an unexplained act of nature, the trees have survived the centuries in an underground resting place, sealed in a chemically balanced environment that has preserved the timber in perfect condition.

Extensive scientific Radio Carbon Dating tests have done on samples of Ancient Kauri by independent organizations that include:

The University of New Zealand in Waikato    The University of Sydney, Australia
The New Zealand Institute of Nuclear Science 
Beta Analytic Inc. of Miami, Florida, the United States leading laboratory for radio carbon dating analyses.
Dating has proven beyond doubt that these Kauri forests grew during the period 30,000 to more then 50,000 years ago."

kauri certificate

Free solid maple case shown below (you will see similar cases as a $10.00-$18.00 option on other websites) is included with all my CUSTOM WOOD PENS  for a classy gift presentation.  No cheap plastic boxes here!  Included in each case is a wood identification card and refill instructions for the custom pen you have ordered.


Need Laser Engraving?

 It's only $10.00 additional per pen.  Engraving shows up best on light colored woods like the birdseye maple example shown below, or pink ivory, deer antler, or rosewood.  It will not show up as well on dark woods like cocobolo, ebony, or multi-colored Dymondwood, tru-stone or celluloid, and is not recommended!   For best results, please limit your text to one line of 14 characters maximum, including spaces.    Laser engraved items are not returnable.


Here is an example of an engraved maple gift box:
  Again, be sure to add item #100 Laser Engraving (shown above)



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