Bethlehem Olive Wood Pens

Crafted by Roger Dismore - customers please post a comment and "like"my facebook business page!
  Celebrating my 25th anniversary of crafting  the highest quality custom writing instruments

Platinum Ballpoint Pen in Bethlehem Holy Land Olive Wood  $55   ITEM #30

This is the most beautiful wood I have ever worked with. Each pen is very triking and highly figured. Includes a certificate of authentication that the wood came from prunings from trees in Bethlehem (no trees were damaged) - Bethlehem Olive Wood ballpoint pens are $55, take Cross® type refills, have Platinum fittings, and include the free solid maple gift case shown below.


Platinum Gel/Rollerball in Bethlehem Holy Land Olive Wood  $65  ITEM #86
These Platinum Gel/Rollerball pens use the Pilot G2 gel (or) Zebra "Orbitz" Archival, Acid-free Gel ink refills. They are two-piece pens and the cap is "posting", meaning that it screws on both ends, to prevent loss.   These pens are $65, and also include the free solid maple gift case shown below.  The religious significance of this wood is greatly appreciated as a gift for ordination or confirmation. 

New for Oct. 2017  Platinum Bethlehem Olive Wood with segmented Bloodwood Cross and metal accents 
 $65  ITEM#25  Sold out, Sorry!

Below is a photo of how this pen is presented and packaged with the free maple gift box.  If you want engraving on the box, please go to the home page and select ITEM #100 and add it to your cart.  You will specify your engraving at checkout in special instructions.

I've been turning Bethlehem Holy Land Olive Wood for quite a while now and am always impressed by the character of the wood.  Well tonight - something really unexpected appeared as I turned a ballpoint pen from an unusually figured piece of olive wood!  It really  makes you wonder!!!  Obviously, this is a one of a kind pen that could never be duplicated.   I will probably keep this for my own collection, but I just wanted everyone to see it.  Enjoy!

Free solid maple case shown below (you will see similar cases as a $10.00-$18.00 option on other websites) is included with all my CUSTOM WOOD PENS  for a classy gift presentation.  No cheap plastic boxes here!  Included in each case is a wood identification card and refill instructions for the custom pen you have ordered.


Need Laser Engraving?

 It's only $10.00 additional per pen.  Engraving shows up best on light colored woods like the birdseye maple example shown below, or pink ivory, deer antler, Ancient Kauri  Wood, or rosewood.  It will not show up as well on dark woods like cocobolo, ebony, or multi-colored Dymondwood, and is not recommended!
For Bethlehem Olive Wood, due to the tremendous grain activity - I recommend engraving the maple gift box instead of the pen itself.
 For best results, please limit your text to one line of 14 characters maximum, including spaces.    Laser engraved items are not returnable.


  New for 2006! If you choose a dark wood, or patterned dymondwood for your pen, you may wish to have the maple gift box engraved, instead of the pen (not both)  Just specify "engrave the box" in the special instructions.
For Bethlehem Olive Wood, due to the tremendous grain activity - I recommend engraving the maple gift box instead of the pen itself.
Here is an example of an engraved maple gift box:   Again, be sure to add item #100 Laser Engraving (shown above)



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