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  Celebrating my 27th anniversary of crafting  the highest quality custom writing instruments
1996-2023 will work with your business to provide the highest quality pens as gifts for your employees, board members, retirees, office awards, and other occasions when you might need a thoughtful, unique gift. All of my pens  have the finest quality mechanisms available.  These are pens that are meant to last for years.  They will not fall apart or lose their plating in a few months of use.  Don't order cheap mass produced, duplicated pens that will reflect poorly on your business!

Each pen includes a free maple gift box, and the box can be laser engraved with your company logo for an additional charge. Minimum order for company logos is 10, and there is no setup charge.  Company logos will need to be sent to me in "EPS Vector" file format to insure quality engraving.  Your graphics artist/logo designer will be familiar with that particular "scalable" format.  It is the industry standard. 
Below is an example of a run of 30 custom pens for the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.  The recipients were thrilled to receive a very high quality custom pen made from Mesquite.


Here is a closeup of the box detail:

The following order of 16 deer antler pens was crafted for Triple P Ranch from
their own deer antlers.  Engraving was completed on both the pens and boxes.


The engraved boxes are shown below:


The following order of seven custom engraved pens and boxes was crafted for
 The Villages in East Texas.

dream team

The following order of 20 custom pens and engraved boxes was crafted for
  the Southern Surveyors Group in Georgia.


ssg detail

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