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  Celebrating my 27th anniversary of crafting  the highest quality custom writing instruments

Congratulations!   Now that you are the owner of a high quality Dismore Woodworks custom writing instrument, please take a minute to learn how to preserve the beauty and writing qualities of your pen.

The fittings on all of my pens will keep their luster indefinitely if treated responsibly.  Obviously, any metal part that is scraped against another metal object could be scratched, so be careful as you place your pen down on desks, and avoid carrying it in a pocket with keys.  The plating on the fittings will not wear off from normal writing use, so don't worry about it, write as much as you can and enjoy it.
The spring clips will last for years if not abused.  They are designed for use in shirt pockets only - not jeans pockets!  Forcing a clip over thick material will eventually break it off!

The woods I use are very stable and should not crack under normal circumstances, but you should avoid leaving a good pen in extremes of heat or cold in a closed vehicle.

The finish I apply depends on the type of material (wood, celluloid, antler) but generally starts with sanding the piece to at least 2000 grit, and often to 12,000 grit!  Then several coats of the best friction polish on the market are applied while it is still on the lathe.   Once the finish is dry, I assemble and inspect each pen before shipment.   Most woods will hold the semi-gloss finish for years.  Some may change color a bit due to acids on your skin.

If you ever want to restore a dull finish, just buff on any high quality furniture wax using a soft cotton cloth.  You won't ever need to do this with celluloid or deer antler pens.

Refills and Refilling my custom pens

My ballpoint pens all use the standard "Cross" type of refills.  To refill, just pull apart the pen (don't lose the metal center band) unscrew the old refill and screw in the new one firmly.   Push the two wood parts back together turn the top barrel counterclockwise to align the grain patterns again.  The grain should align when the pen is in the closed position as it was when I first assembled it.

My rollerball pens all use your choice of either the "Pilot G2 Gel" refills (or)
Zebra "Orbitz" Archival, Acid-free Gel ink refills (or) the Schmidt ceramic refills. These are all very smooth writing, fast drying inks that are available in a variety of point sizes and colors. 
Unscrew the front nib section to refill, and please don't lose the loose spring in the rear cap.

I hope you will enjoy many years of writing pleasure from my custom pens.  If you have a question or comment please feel free to contact me at:   [email protected]

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