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  Celebrating my 25th anniversary of crafting  the highest quality custom writing instruments

All of the handmade wooden pens on this page use the Pilot G2 gel refills. These pens have Platinum fittings(specifically this Rhodium is the hardest member of the Platinum family of metals) They are two-piece pens and the cap is "posting", meaning that it screws on both ends, to prevent loss of the cap. The "screw type" of posting is definitely superior to the "friction" press-on type of posting pens that you may see on some other websites.  I found out early on that the friction caps eventually wear out,so I will not craft them just to save a few dollars.  A pen of this quality typically sells for $120 or more elsewhere!   My price is only $65 unless indicated otherwise.
These are all upgradeable to fountain pensThis is the link to the fountain pen upgrade kit.

Below is an example of one of my capping rollerball pens in the uncapped position so you can see the writing nib.


figured mesquite
 Platinum Gel/Rollerball in Figured Mesquite  ITEM#90  $65

Platinum Gel/Rollerball in Cardinalwood (Brazil)  ITEM#83 $65


Platinum Gel/Rollerball in Tulip Poplar (Tennessee State Tree)  ITEM#78

   Platinum Gel/Rollerball in Mopani (Africa,South Africa) ITEM #81  $65

Platinum Gel/Rollerball in Birdseye Maple (Canada)  ITEM #82   $65

Platinum Gel/Rollerball in Cocobolo (Central America)  ITEM #84   $65

Platinum Gel/Rollerball in Tambootie (Tanzania)  ITEM #87   $65

  Poly-Acrylic Pens
All of these pens use the Pilot G2 GEL refills, are $65.00 each and include the free wood gift case shown on my homepage.. 
This Poly-Acrylic material is difficult to turn and finish but the final result is worh the time and trouble. 
As always the fittings are platinum plated.

Platinum Gel/Rollerball in Partytime Poly-Acrylic   ITEM# 609   $65

Platinum Gel/Rollerball in Twilight Summer Poly-Acrylic   ITEM# 610  $65

Platinum Gel/Rollerball in Eye of the Tiger Poly-Acrylic  ITEM# 611   $65

Platinum Gel/Rollerball in Paua Poly Pearl  Poly-Acrylic   ITEM# 612   $65


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