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  Celebrating my 25th anniversary of crafting  the highest quality custom writing instruments

 Roger,   I received my Holy Land olive wood pen today, and it is simply beautiful. I've carried wood pens for years, the last one (a lovely Maple pen from Scotland) was unfortunately lost in a recent move. I am over the moon to now have such a fine new piece to carry, and it writes superbly to boot! Thank you very kindly for your fine art, sir.
Be Well,  Adam      Madison, WI

Our church was looking for a special good-bye gift for a beloved minister.  How lucky we were to stumble upon Roger's website!!!  After a nice phone conversation with Roger, we decided to order the pen made of olive wood from Bethlehem (how perfect is that for a minister?!).  Both the pen and the presentation box are absolutely stunning -- the website photos don't do justice to Roger's amazing workmanship.  The wood grain is lovely and the pen is a perfectly balanced writing instrument -- a wonderful combination of comfort and heft.  Everyone at church is so excited to be able to give such a lovely gift at such a reasonable price.  Thank you, Roger, for your artistry and for your fast and perfect service!!!!
Sincerely,   Carolyn,   Louisiana

Just received my deer horn pen and I love it!!!!    Paul,  Malvern, AR

Thank you for the care and attention to detail you obviously put into the creation of every pen you make.  The specially engraved deer antler pen I received from you is a true work of art.  The pen was the centerpiece of an evening honoring a close friend of mine and everyone in attendance made sure they had a close up look and were very impressed!
I look forward to, and have every intention of being, a repeat customer of yours.
Don T., New York

Roger Dismore,
We want to thank you for the gorgeous Deer Antler pen.  It arrived today in a very speedy delivery.  It was the most beautiful gift for our son's recent college graduation and he was deeply touched by the care and craftsmanship of his gift.  The engraving was a special touch on a date to be remembered.
Thank you so much everyone was very pleased.

The Barlow's, Mississippi

 "I have a Bethlehem Olive Wood ballpoint pen, which has a beautiful grain, handsomely finished and very comfortable to hold.  It came with a certificate of authenticity and an exceptionally nice maple case.  Mr. Dismore is truly a fine craftsman."

Duncan, Ashland, Ohio


I found your site just by browsing and I am very glad I did! I ordered an Olive Wood pen as a gift however I wanted to check it out first. When I received it (promptly) I felt the maple box and pen with my hands and was amazed at the smoothness. Then I picked up the pen to write with and I loved the heft and grip. The platinum hardware is eye catching and finally the pen writes extremely well. I will most certainly be contacting you again for additional pens.

  Gary- New Jersey

"I received an olive wood fountain pen as a gift when I was ordained a minister.  I had never before used a fountain pen, but I was soon converted.  The nib is of an excellent quality, and the wood is so lovely and unique, I receive comments about my pen on a regular basis. I enjoy the pen so much, I now detest using almost any other pen.  I recently ordered a similar olive wood fountain pen to give to a friend as an ordination gift, knowing that he will enjoy it as much as I have
enjoyed mine.  Every minister should have a good pen!"
Rob, Dallas

"As a pastor and author, I wanted to add a little flair to my signature.
I sign my name a lot! LoL I thought the
Thomas Edison pen would add a

touch of distinction and class to my book signings. Such an
unbelievably beautiful pen, and Roger is a
genius with wood! At my last
book signing, I got almost as many compliments on the pen as I did on the book!"

Jesse K.   Eau Claire, WI

"Roger, I want to thank you so very much for all your help with the deer antler pen order. My frantic call to you on the 
Thursday before Christmas was met with a positive and reassuring voice. My pens arrived overnite, and thus my Christmas
gifts to husband and son-in-law were successes. Needless to say, working with other online sellers proved to be a disaster.
My pens had been ordered elsewhere on line ,and when they didn't arrive in a timely manner my investigation turned up the
fact that the pens were never ordered because they were out of stock. My check,however, had been cashed. Anyway, I know
now where to shop for future merchandise. I thank you for your efforts at the very last minute. For those of you reading
this testimonial.....Roger Dismore is the person you want to handle your transactions!"
Margie Spring,TX

"A finely-crafted, functional work of art,a pen by Roger Dismore
is in another class from other wooden pens I have encountered.
If you can bear to give one away, you will be proud of your gift."

Krista Ravenscraft, Pen collector and aficionado, Saint Charles, ILL

"I have received many complements on the pens from my colleagues. 
It is difficult to find gifts with mass appeal. When you see the pens actually being used that is true testimony to the unique quality and appreciation of these custom pens."
Many thanks, Nick G, Kings Park, NY

"Just received my pens and they are absolutely beautiful. I can tell the workmanship that went into each of them. I am already
working on my ideas for a special custom pen and I am sure I will be purchasing more in the near
Karen, Las Vegas, NV

"These pens are not just beautiful but a joy to write with.  You will love your Dismore pen."
     John Pettitt, Madison, WI

"As a pen collector, I have purchased many of Roger's pens for myself as well as for friends and family members. I have found them to be extremely comfortable and can withstand lots of abuse and still look great.  I will definitely be purchasing more as he continues to expand the selection of woods that he offers."
     Your very pleased customer,Terri  (Texas)

“These pens are beautifully hand crafted.  They have a very comfortable weight and grip and are an excellent writing tool.  I have purchased these pens for both my husband and myself.
I have also purchased them a graduation gifts with laser engraving as well as gifts for family and friends visiting from other countries.  A gift that is genuinely American made”
      Nancy, Southlake, TX

"I have found these pens to be a very unique gift to give my
clients. The excellent quality and craftsmanship stands out and my clients
associate that with our firm."
     Jeff Nichols, Vice-President of Stancil & Co., Texas

"I have purchased several of these beautiful pens from Dismore Woodworks and have been very pleased with the quality, the workmanship and the beauty of the pens. What's more, I have enjoyed matching wood of the pen to either the personality of recipient or the decor of an office.  Thank you, Dismore Woodworks, for making such an elegant and useful tool."

     Claire, Arlington, Texas

        ROBERT B.

"I received my pen today and it was everything I expected and more.  It is beautiful and received before Christmas.  Thank you for your prompt service and wonderful workmanship"
      Jo Ann,       Sonora, TX

"Dear Roger,
  I received the pen you hand-crafted for my brothers Christmas present. I must say, when I saw it, I was without words. The texture, color and grain of the olive wood is impressive and striking. To craft such a beautiful and fine instrument as this by hand is beyond me. Your craftsmanship to turn and hand make such a piece is nothing short of amazing ! I am MORE than satisfied with it, and be assured, there will be more orders from me. The engraved box is beautiful as well. Thank you sir, for a most spectacular, fine crafted gift to give. I am so greatful.
 Respectfully yours,  Dave , Texas

"I received the pen I purchased,  a gift for my wife. It looks excellent. I have a few hand-crafted wood and antler pens.
Your pen is very high quality. It is the best I have purchased and at a reasonable price.
I liked it so much that I am thinking about getting one for myself (rollerball pen)"
       Dave D.,   TX

Roger,  I started my day realizing that my original waterman pen that my wife and I used to sign our marriage certificate was broken which was sad because I loved to use the pen every day.  Then I started using Google to search for a replacement pen when I stumbled upon your site.  After an email exchange and answering all my questions on the phone I ordered 2 pens from you.  I can say without a doubt that your pens are of quality workmanship and when I sit in many meetings people are always asking to see the pens.  From there I just provide them your website to order their own pen. Also, you are correct on how easy it is to get replacements for your pens because I have to do that already because I use them so often. I will definately be back for more pens in the future.  Thanks again for all your hard work.  
    Richard    Dryden, MI

Roger, I've owned a number of good pens through my career, but the one you just crafted for me in Texas Ebony excedes all expectations.  The weight and grip are perfect, as well as having a subtle panache.  I can't wait for people to ask me about it!  Thanks for great work.
    Corie      Poughkeepsie,  NY

We recently purchased four pens to give as company gifts to Japanese business leaders as a memento of fine American craftsmanship. The pens we received from Mr. Dismore were so phenomenal, artistic, and beautifully hand crafted that we purchased eleven, not only for our prominent business guests, but for family members as gifts. Not only was the product far beyond expectations, but they were mailed promptly and on-time...something quite unusual today.
    Faber Trust Group - World Wide Patents

"I received the Dymondwood pen, and it is just stunning!  You do amazing work.  Even the box is beautiful and such a nice touch.  You can be sure I will be passing along your web-site address.  Thank you very much."
      Sincerely,  Janie W.   Dallas, TX

My first pen order for two Bethlehem rollerball pens were gifts for my wife and a niece that is going off to college this august. They love their pens and they are absolutely beautiful. It is the most comfortable pen my wife has ever used. When we recieved these two pens, I then ordered three more that same afternoon: Two Bethlehem rollerballs, one for a nephew starting college in august, the other goes to my grandaughter also starting college in august. I also ordered an Ancient Kauri rollerball for myself. You E-mailed me letting me know when the three pens would be shipped and all three would have your new platinum rollerball parts. You were right Roger, We love these also, and I personally love the gold accent even more. This new pen is already my favorite, I am a Business Manager and probably have a pen in my hand at least six hours every day, My wife and myself both buy things via the internet, both personally and for work, and and your personal touch via your E-mails, from the time our order was placed until we recieved our pens, could not have been better, your service goes right along with your wonderfull Craftsmanship. Thank you,  Bob,  Moorpark, CA
P.S we will be getting more pens for gifts."

Dear Roger,
  I would like to thank you personally for the exemplary service you provided on my recent order for a Bethlehem Olive Wood Ballpoint Pen.  I ordered this pen as a gift for a friend.  It arrived in perfect condition just a few days after placing my order.  I received emails from you when you received my order and then again when you mailed out my order to me.  Old world service and on the internet too.  It is indeed rare in today's world to receive such personal service as you provide to your customers!  Now on to the pen.  It is absolutely stunning and I can not believe what a great value it was.  The wood case that you include in the price is a wonderful bonus and looks elegant as well.  I  look forward to treating myself to one of your gorgeous writing instruments in the near future.  Once again, congratulations on your fine craftsmanship and on your terrific service.
Best Regards, Bernice
Los Angeles, CA

"I have bought 2 dozen pens from Roger and every one of them is a delight. Roger is ever willing to try out new ideas and work together through the many eMails back and forth with me to achieve the desired results - simply amazing pens are the outcome. You may have  seen some of the pens in his gallery of custom pens. Just to think that I started with one single order to try out Roger's workmanship." -
  YY Kwok, Singapore.

Dear Roger,

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the tulipwood and afzalea rollerballs. I converted the afzalea pen to the rollerball as I have a number of fountain pens with nibs that suit me really well (I like a fine or extra fine nib – mediums are too wide). The pens write beautifully with the Pilot gel ink. I have gotten many questions and compliments regarding these two pens and have passed your business card on to several people. I admit to being hooked on your rollerballs now and will soon order another one. I just wanted to say thanks.

        Cheers, Russ    Ashland, VA

 I just wanted to say thanks for a great product and most of all, great service. I purchased an olive wood pen as a gift for my father and have to say your description doesn't quite do it justice. The pen is absolutely beautiful, the grain is very delicate and works well with the shape of the pen. In addition it feels very good in hand. I was pleasantly surprised by the quick delivery after I placed my order, the pen was here in 2 days."
         Thanks Again,  Rob      Molbile, AL

Good Day Roger,
I received the pens. Beautiful!  The Texas ebony is much prettier than the picture and it is "ALL AMERICAN".  In looking around, you are the only pen maker who offers a custom pen that uses the Pilot G2 gel refill.  I favor a fountain pen for personal correspondence but prefer the G2 for checks and business signatures and also while traveling. The fountain pen writes as if it is on glass and rides lightly in the hand.  Wonderful.  I look forward to my next pen from you.
       Larry, Palmyra, TN

The platinum gel pen in "cherry fleck" celluloid was a big Christmas hit with my wife. She was amazed that my gift budget allowed me to give her a writing instrument that can sit side-by-side with the "world-famous" $300+ pen she bought years ago. 
She loves the color, and especially the quality, heft, and shape of the pen in her hand. Thanks much!    
 Charles,   Holidaysburg, PA

"Thanks so much for the twist rollerball. Capless rollerballs are hard to find. Your's is beautiful and your turnaround time was amazing. I won't hesitate to order more from you in the future."      Michael,    Overland Park, KS


Beautiful pens (Olive wood and TX Ebony)….I think they’ll make great Christmas gifts!    “Your service was fast, accurate and very professional. I’m glad to have found such a great source for unique, custom pens. I will most certainly order from you again…and again!”
     Mike,  Savanna, GA

My 5th wedding anniversary was coming up and I was running out of time. I came across Roger’s web site and decided that the olive wood pen was  the perfect gift..  I received my order quickly.  What a beautiful pen. It feels great in your hand and has the perfect weight.   Roger you are a great craftsman and I commend you on your great customer service.



Augusta, GA

Hi Roger,  Just wanted you to know I received the pen and it came out better than great.  I love it and can't wait for his birthday to get here.
Thank you again,  Amanda    Cyprus, TX


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