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On November 20, 1994, the Edison Estate in Ft. Meyers Florida reported that lightning had struck a huge Moreton Bay fig tree on the grounds, that had been planted by Thomas Edison some 80 years ago.  This tree was planted by Edison in his search for a domestic source of rubber and became the largest tree of its kind in Florida.  The lightning strike so weakened the tree that the city said the remainder of the tree was dangerous to guests and visitors to the estate and ordered it completely removed.   Fortunately, a small amount of this historic wood has found its way to craftsmen around the world and I have been fortunate enough to acquire enough to make just six pens.  That's it; when it's gone there will be no more!!!
 The first of the six is pictured below and would make a treasured keepsake for a pen collector or anyone who enjoys history.  

The wood generally  resembles cocobolo, with streaks and swirls of blacks and browns.   I have paired this wood with my top end platinum hardware and gel ink refill.  You will love this pen if you are fortunate enough to get one before they are gone!     I am selling these for $125.00 each, including free solid wood gift case.

Platinum Gel/Rollerball in Moreton Bay Fig, planted by Thomas Edison
ITEM #89  $125.00

Note:  #1 (of 6) - shown above - was sold 9/2/06
#2 was sold 9/11/06
#3 was sold Nov. 24 - with the 14K-525 fountain pen upgrade
#4 was sold Dec. 2
Too late!  #5 (last one) with the 14K-525 fountain pen upgrade was ordered 12/6/06 by a gentleman from New York
#6 is for my personal collection.   They are all gone now.
  Congratulations to the collectors that received one!

Free solid maple case shown below (you will see similar cases as a $10.00-$18.00 option on other websites) is included with all my CUSTOM WOOD PENS  for a classy gift presentation.  No cheap plastic boxes here!  Included in each case is a wood identification card and refill instructions for the custom pen you have ordered.   The recipient of this Edison pen will know just how special it really is!





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