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Fountain Pen Upgrade


Are you a serious pen collector who will use only high quality fountain pens?   You may choose any of the  CUSTOM WOOD PENS, POLY-ACRYLIC or ANTLER PENS from the Rollerball Page then simply add the  fountain pen upgrade kit listed here.  I'll craft your pen with the fountain pen tip and include everything you need to get writing!  Your kit will include a really awesome "Heritance 5mm semi-flex "fine nib" (already installed by me, preferred by most writers, and ready to ink)  also I am including a spare "medium-broad nib" from a German manufacturer if you want to switch them out yourself at some point for fun (it writes very bold), also a high quality ink converter so you can use your choice of bottled inks, and a 6 pack of Monteverdi "international" ink cartridges should you want to use cartridges rather than bottled ink.  The whole kit is shown here:


Here is a closeup photo of the Heritance 5mm semi-flex fine nib.   It glides effortlessly across the page!


                                                                                      Tip will ship "dry" so you will ink it for the first time!

Please watch this short 6 minute video I produced for Youtube about filling and maintaining my Fountain Pens!

YouTube Fountain Pen Upgrade Video

  Please note: I do not sell this kit by itself, you must also order one of my "Gel/rollerball" pens
 so that I can craft the pen body to accept this upgrade kit. Also, this kit will only work with pen bodies I have crafted this year (2021) it will not fit pen bodies I crafted from 1996-2020. Thank you!



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